There are activities that come from the heart
and some are dictated by our brain.
Although motivational forces and creative energies differ, the born product becomes perfect.
And perfection is thirsty for audience.
It wants to measure and show itself,
to tell its own story, with which he wants to impress the world.
And we are the tool for this.

So don't be afraid to use us!


We are all about visual communication and change. The idea and execution, the drawing, the photo, the form and the movement. You provide the product, and we provide the content around it. Whether it’s a few lines of text or a movie lasting several hours.




This is an old thing, it was born sometime in the early 2000s. Since then, it has been developing, changing and shaping. If cinematography is love, animations are passion. And digitalization itself is the embrace, the reassuring security.

Bejó István - CEO / Producer


CEO / Producer

Dobronyi-Gál Petra - Sales / Operative Manager


Sales / Operative Manager

Bejó-Iványi Hajnalka - Financial Assistant


Financial Assistant

Banai Kata - Artist / Animator


Artist / Animator

Horváth Andris - Editor / Animator


Editor / Animator


ALDI Magyarország
Vodafone Hungary
Be Social
Visual Europe Group
Bayer Magyarország
Chemistry Budapest

At Visual Europe Group, as the leading event technology provider in Central and Eastern Europe, we consider it extremely important to select our suppliers very carefully. Due to the nature of our clients and projects, the basis of our partnership agreements is that we can cooperate with our subcontractors in the long term. In recent months, Xhibition Hungary Kft. has proven several times that with its expertise and professional attitude, it can support the highest expectations of our customers as an excellent partner.

János F. Fazakas
VEG – International Sales Director

Xhibition Hungary Ltd. in recent months, has proven on several occasions that he can support our events, digitalization efforts and industry 4.0 goals as an excellent partner with its expertise and professional attitude.

József Nyírő Dr.
MAJOSZ – President


Despite the coronavirus, the largest Hungarian education exhibition, the Educatio Expo, was held again this year. The program, which attracts thousands every year, was organized online this year, using technical innovations that allowed them to have 61,000 visitors, to serve 58,000 Zoom meeting participants at the same time, as well as 359 simultaneous video streams.


According to István Bejó, managing director of Xhibition Hungary Kft., the four days of the exhibition proved that Xhibiton has a place in the online world. The organizers managed to overcome the initial difficulties, and next year they promise a much more advanced and mature system, including real-time analytics and greater interactivity.


The Xhibition team voted in favor of this and created a platform where small and large conferences and Expos with a huge base of exhibitors can find the optimal solution for them, on top of all that, where presenter and audience can get in touch with each other!


The conference was followed in the afternoon by the first online B2B workshop in the history of the organizer Turizmus Kft., with 350 pre-booked meeting times, 31 exhibitors and 90 registered professional buyers. The online platform of the virtual event was implemented jointly by the Visual Europe Group team and Xhibition Hungary Kft.


The challenge was a given: a quasi-unlimited conference where, during planning, at the end of 2020, we still had to be able to serve an inestimable amount of participants, including hundreds of exhibitors. This certainly promised to be an exciting task

– said the founder of Xhibition Hungary, which provides the platform, about the preparation. According to István Bejó, the most serious task was not to provide a single lecture hall for the online conference, but for almost every exhibitor, up to 8-10 separate video chat interfaces per stand. In the end, this meant hundreds of simultaneous streams, in addition to the simple chat function, which was equally available on the entire site and on individual stands.






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