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In 2020, the judging committee of the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix deemed our Xhibitor digital event platform worthy of recognition.

In 2021, we became richer with the Business Excellence Award for the digitalization and online execution of the MICE Business Day 2020 and 2021.


Full online event by our in-house developed Xhibitor system!
We have already served expos, conferences and workshops with its help. It can be completely customized and branded, and it contains all the possibilities that your participants can use to communicate with each other throughout the entire area of the event. It is not worth wasting too much time on monetization options, ALL surfaces can be sold…

Don’t you believe? Ask for an appointment and our expert will show you around at a demo event, where you can also find the solution for your additional needs!


Are you organizing a traditional event, but you would like to reach people who cannot attend the event in person? Expand the possibilities and open up to hybrid solutions, where certain aspects of the event can be followed remotely and interactively!

How? It depends on what you want! Book an appointment and our expert will show you the possibilities!


Are you organizing a traditional event, you don’t want a hybrid solution, but you want to maximize the user experience and take as much of the burden off your shoulders as possible?
Digitize! Sell online or via an app, provide information on mobile and help navigate the event with our electronic solutions! In the meantime, don’t forget to take advantage of the advertising value of your new interfaces!

Contact us and our expert will contact you within a few hours to answer your questions as soon as possible!